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Teeth Whitening Products

5 Day Take Home Whitening Kit $49.99 10 Boxes of Teeth Cleaning Wipes $49.99 Teeth Whitening Pen $29.99

5 Day teeth whitening kit is the perfect way to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your home at your convenience.  No blue LED light required simply load the tray with one vial of solution and place in your mouth for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes simply remove and rinse.  Noticeable results after only 1 session.  


Includes 5 -1ml vials of whitening gel,  1 mouth tray, 1 case, 5 vitamin e swabs

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Textured Teeth Cleaning Wipes are highly portable, allowing individuals to experience that clean, "just-brushed" feeling at work or on-the-go.  Powerful mint flavour.


Teeth Wipes are easy-to-use, simply slide over your index finger allowing an individual to wipe the surface of their teeth, gums and tongue.  


Includes -  10 Boxes - Each box contains 12 Individually wrapped teeth cleaning wipes.

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Teeth Whitening Pens are a fast and easy way to whiten your teeth.  Our clinically tested 16% HP gels can noticeably whiten teeth after only one use.  Simply dial up the solution to the pen and apply to teeth.   Let solution sit on the teeth for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse.  


For optimum results: Apply half hour before bed and rinse thoroughly.  Wake up to a whiter brighter smile.


Do not use if you have braces or any other kind of overnight dental appliance, or if you are pregnant or nursing

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